Navigating through the trials of life and discovering breakthrough can feel overwhelming and hopeless at times. Join Christy Rodriguez as she interviews men and women who have found the brave place within themselves as they share their experiences of beating the odds and turning trials into triumphs. If you’re looking for a place to be inspired, enlightened, and challenged into finding the warrior within, this is the podcast for you.


Artist Connection - Jordan St. Cyr (S03E13)

The Brave Place

Singer/Songwriter Jordan St. Cyr shares his honest and brave
story of wrestling with his faith during his family’s most
trying times. Reflecting on that moment when he heard the
Holy Spirit speak to his heart…“Imagine what we could do
if you lived with both feet in.” Jordan gives us a glimpse
into the real life stories that inspired his hit songs
“Fires,” “Weary Traveler”, and “Rescue.”


Dancing On My Ashes - Heather Gilion & Holly Snell

The Brave Place

Learning to love the One who gives and takes away, sisters
and co-authors Heather Gilion and Holly Snell share their
brave story of becoming widows in their twenties as the
bodies of their beloved husbands were found floating in a
river. They found themselves face to face with God in a
season of suffering they had never known...asking the
questions….can I trust you God? Where are you? Can you
really heal my wounds? Their book, Dancing On My Ashes,
details their powerful journey and is a call to stop living
wounded and accept the presence of God's hand in our lives.
You can learn more about Heather, Holly, and their book by


Journey to Freedom- from Mormon Priestess to Jesus Worshiper (S03E11)

The Brave Place

September shares her experience of being raised in The
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and living most
of her life dedicated to the Mormon faith, even serving as a
Mormon Priestess throughout her 30’s and 40’s. She
shares her brave story of leaving everything she knew and
the freedom she has found in worshiping Jesus and following


Best of Brave Place (Deceived Into The Arms Of A Narcissist)

The Brave Place

We're re-sharing one of our most listened-to episodes! At
the age of 17, Michela Fields found herself in a web of
manipulation and emotional narcissistic abuse. Always on the
run, hiding from family and friends, and far away from her
home country, she was forced to trust the only person she
knew, her narcissistic husband. This is Michela’s brave
story of living in confusion, pain, and turmoil for nearly
16 years until freedom and the healing arms of Jesus Christ
gave her a new hope and a new life.


Singer/Songwriter Ben Fuller- From Life Threatening Anger & Addiction to a Redeeming Transformation (S03E10)

The Brave Place

Singer/Songwriter Ben Fuller shares his journey of growing
up in a home where the name, Jesus Christ, was used only as
a curse word and how struggles with his father led to anger
and depression. Eventually he found himself wandering in
darker places such as contemplating suicide followed by a 14
year battle with drug and alcohol addiction. God used a
family to bring him to church and his life began to change.
He went from desiring to be a country music singer in
Nashville to knowing that singing for the Lord would be his
new song forever. You can learn more about Ben and his
latest hit song "Who I am" by visiting[].


Singer/Songwriter/Author Micah Tyler- Walking Free and Finding Hope (S03E09)

The Brave Place

Singer/songwriter Micah Tyler spent his days wondering
‘what’s next,’ while driving a sausage delivery truck
and questioning his own discernment to quit his youth pastor
gig, sell half of what he owned to move his family into a
single-wide trailer, and start traveling the region
performing songs he’d written. Not an easy move with a
wife, three kids, and no strong connection to the music
industry at the time. “I just knew I had to be obedient
and step out into music full time,” Micah recalls. “I
told the Lord, ‘I don’t know how to be a professional
musician, but you’ve taught me to be faithful.’ Micah
shares his brave journey of sacrifice and faithfulness and
how “Walking Free” (title of his book) in Christ is the
foundation for fulfilling God’s unique purpose in our
lives and experiencing to the fullest all that God has
waiting for each one of us. You can learn more about Micah
Tyler’s music and his book Walking Free by visiting


Singer/Songwriter Austin French- From Anti-Christian to Worship Leader (S03E08)

The Brave Place

Singer/songwriter Austin French shares his brave story of
emerging from an abusive childhood, a poverty stricken home,
and church rejection. Struggling with anger towards his
abusive father and the church, Austin reflects back on his
journey..."I grew up in church, was surrounded by church
culture, but I hated Christians for a long time. Our family
was the family that pretended to be perfect on Sunday but
was falling apart behind closed doors. As an eight-year-old
boy, I was living two different lives, expected to be
perfect on Sunday and then living in fear at home.”
Discussing his book "Jesus Can" Austin takes listeners on a
journey that showcases God's redemptive power taking a
hardened heart and turning it into a heart of worship and
praise. He has written multiple hit songs such as Jesus Can,
Why God, Good Feeling, Freedom Hymn, Wake Up Sleeper and
more. You can learn more about Austin and his music by
visiting his website:[].


Singer/songwriter and author Mike Donehey- Grace in the Gray (S03E07)

The Brave Place

Solo artist, singer/songwriter, and author Mike Donehey
(formerly lead singer of Tenth Avenue North) shares about
his latest book Grace in the Gray, A More Loving Way to
Disagree. Grace in the Gray reveals how to focus on the
person standing before you more than the argument set
against you. He is also the author of the best selling book,
Finding God's Life for My Will, and hosts "Chasing the
Beauty" Podcast. You can learn more about Mike's books,
music, and latest album "Flourish", and his podcast by


Moving Forward With Grief - Author Michelle Moore (S03E06)

The Brave Place

Author of Moving Forward with Grief, Michelle Moore shares
her journey navigating through the loss of her 16 year old
son, Joshua. She takes listeners on a transparent &
relatable journey jam packed with truth & practical tools
for anyone walking through grief. You can find Michelle’s
bible study, Moving Forward with Grief, along with her other
bible study, A Race Well Lived, at and by visiting her blog:[]


Singer Songwriter Colton Dixon – Real Life Talk (S03E05)

The Brave Place

Award winning singer songwriter Colton Dixon shares his
heart on navigating life in marriage, being a dad, and
living out his calling as a singer and songwriter. He shares
his inspiration behind his latest hit song “Build a
Boat” and how obedience is key in helping him grow in his
faith. A two-time winner of Best Contemporary/Rock Album of
the year, Colton has racked up two No. 1 radio singles. Many
know him from finishing 7th on Season 11 of American Idol.
But he has made a name for himself through his music with
several hit songs from his albums “A Messenger” and
“Anchor”. You can learn more about Colton by visiting
his website at


Marriage & Family Therapist - Brandi K. Harris - The Truth About Holy Sex (S03E04)

The Brave Place

NOTE: This episode contains sensitive material not meant for
little ears.


Singer/Songwriter Hope Darst – Peace Be Still (S03E03)

The Brave Place

Singer/Songwriter Hope Darst, known for her popular songs
“Peace Be Still,” “Promise Keeper,” and “Set
Free,” opens up and takes us on an up close and personal
journey through her own struggles, doubts, fears, questions,
and God’s faithfulness through it all. You can learn more
about Hope by visiting her website at

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