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Ephesians 4 (S06E05)

Welcome to A Listening Life, we have been prayerfully meditating on Paul's words to the Ephesians. Even though it was written to a Church the lived many centuries ago we invite you to listen now and see these words are...


Ephesians 3 (S06E04)

Welcome to A Listening Life, as we listen prayerfully to Paul's letter to the Ephesian Christians. In this part we encourage you to let these words wash over you like a prayer of love.


Ephesians 2 (S06E03)

Welcome to A Listening Life, here today we are listening to Paul's words of truth and encouragement to the believers of Ephesus. We are simply wanting to listen to the word of God today not pick at it.


Ephesians 2 (S06E02)

Welcome to A Listening Life, we are continuing to listen to the words of a pastor, a shepherd, to his friends written in the form of a letter. So listen know to the apostle Paul's words to his friends the Ephesians.


Ephesians 1 (S06E01)

Welcome to A Listening Life, in this season we are going to prayerfully listen to the words from the apostle Paul. Written to believers in the early church Paul served them as a pastor.


Psalm 41 (S05 E10)

Welcome to A Listening Life. We are finishing up this season of praying with the Psalms. Today we will listen prayerfully through Psalm 41 which has words of power, truth, and encouragement.


Psalm 40 (S05 E09)

Welcome to A Listening Life. Today's reading is a welcome response to the writer's acknowledgement of his sin. He tells us the story of how God redeems him. We invite you to listen prayerfully now to the words of Psalm 40.


Psalm 39 (S05 E08)

Welcome to A Listening Life, today's Psalm is not a happy one. Instead we hear the words of someone who recognizes his own sin before God and most definitely does not like what he sees.


Psalm 38 (S05 E07)

Welcome to A Listening Life, we readily acknowledge that sometimes God's voice is quite hard to discern but then there are other times we are reminded of simple truths that we can say amen to.


Psalm 37 (S05 E06)

Welcome to A Listening Life, during this season we are looking to the Psalms for direction on how to listen and distinguish the voice of God from so many other voices that demand our attention.