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On this episode we’re answering the confession question, “Have you ever put yourself in a box? And, if so, what was the label on it?” We talk about getting out of the boxes that hold us back.


Build Her Up (Episode 31)

Confession Question: “Has someone ever defended your worth?” In a critical world, we get real about who has stood up for us and how we can all bravely do the same for each other.


Know Your Worth (Episode 30)

Confession question: Have you ever let your worth be defined by someone else? Spoiler alert--we have! We’ll tell you who and how we can all learn to stand up for who God created us to be.


Confession Question: What’s a lie you’ve believed about who you are? We spill what we’ve struggled with as well as the truth that has helped set us free--and will do the same for you!


Welcome, More than Small Talk Friend! In this episode we answer the confession question, “What's a time when you were fully present?” In our distracted world, showing up in our own lives can be trickier than we think and yet...


Shred Your Lists (Episode 27)

Thanks for listening! This week we’re answering the confession questions, “What lists do you have in your life, whether on paper or just in your mind?” Find out why Holley was shocked by Jennifer and Suzie’s answers, as well as...


Having Fun Yet? (Episode 26)

Welcome back, Fourth Chair Friend! This week we’re borrowing a confession question from Beth Moore who recently asked on social media, “What are five things you would do if you had the margin to pursue stuff just for fun?” (Thanks, Beth!).


Hello Fourth Chair Friend! We’re so glad you’re here. This week we’re answering a confession question sent to us by a listener, “Is it hard for you to say no? Why or why not?” We share our honest answers as...


Shameless (Episode 24)

Hello, Friend in the 4th Chair! We're so glad you're here. Shame is a liar. And we’ve had enough. We’re answering TWO confession questions from listeners about shame and not feeling worthy of love.


Dear Younger Me (Episode 23)

What would you say to your younger self? We share what we wish we’d known sooner in life, have some laughs over big bangs and questionable fashion choices, and give you insights, tips and resources.