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Get Hope Delivered Straight to Your Inbox!

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This world is so big. Sometimes, it's easy for us to feel small. Sometimes we might think that our gift, our contribution, our story doesn't matter.  But that's simply not true. When you support KLRC, you get to be a part of the stories God is writing. Stories like Brynlee's.


I know He very intentionally chose for me to lack the ability to reach things sitting on the top shelf of the kitchen, I know he instilled in me a love for all things coffee-related, and I especially know he gave me a heart for being a servant of his.


"Sharing hope in Jesus Christ with as many people as possible. " That's our mission here at KLRC. It's at the heart of everything we do.  But what if we could reach even more? Thanks to your support, Real FM already reaching new listeners with hope in Christ.

Lee Family

Please pray for the Lee family and the loss of Megan.   Please pray peace and comfort for her husband, children and her family.   

Wife's Health

Please pray for peace for my wife on her ongoing health journey. We have been trying to find the cause of several symptoms for several years with no luck or diagnosis to date.

The KLRC Podcast Network


Are you struggling with something right now, especially anxiety or depression? Holley shares how that doesn’t make you weak, it simply means you’re a warrior. Fight on.


Suzanne Eller is an author, speaker and podcaster of More Than Small Talk Podcast (KLRC). In this episode she discusses her latest book, JoyKeeper.


Matthew 6c (S1E10)

This season on a listening life we are focusing on growing in gratitude. Gratitude is more than being grateful, although it is certainly that. Gratitude can be seen more as a posture we adopt.

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