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Get Hope Delivered Straight to Your Inbox!

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It’s the best kind of news you can hear early on a Monday morning. I remember walking into the studio and checking our KLRC email. Over the weekend, we had received a note from Shelly in Park Hill, Oklahoma.


The light had turned green.  It was green. Bright green, in fact. On a structure specifically designed to be easily noticed by drivers. And the car in front of me remained stationary.  .


Anyone who had the privilege of meeting Titus will tell you the same thing: you always walked away with a new friend, and a deeper understanding of what it truly means to remain focused on Christ.

Daily Needs

Please pray for me and that I will stay strong in my faith and that Satan will not interrupt my plans.   Pray I pass my state board exam, secure my present employment, and give me a second job to make up hours. Also, secure my living room rental extend month to month.


Please pray as I have experienced a salty taste in my mouth for weeks.   

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Psalm 61 (S07E06)

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Confession Question: If one of your scars could tell a story what would it be? We talk about how sometimes what we see as broken is actually beautiful. Resources Strong, Brave, Loved


This may surprise you, but God wants to dwell with you, especially when you are in the wilderness. He wants to be intimately involved in every part of your adventure and teach you how to...

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