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Get Hope Delivered Straight to Your Inbox!

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The last few days have been amazing, and we could not more be grateful!  We heard so many powerful stories and saw God do such incredible things, including providing (through you, our listening family) 99% of our Fall Fundraiser need!.


I am writing to share my gratitude with you for your selfless and gracious gifts that keep KLRC on the air.  Last spring, my friends at KLRC invited me to share my story with you. Maybe you remember hearing it? I found KLRC on my 20th day of recovery from alcoholism.


It’s the best kind of news you can hear early on a Monday morning. I remember walking into the studio and checking our KLRC email. Over the weekend, we had received a note from Shelly in Park Hill, Oklahoma.

My Plan

I want to thank you for your prayers. I listen to you daily for I need to hear so many of the songs you play. My favorite is You Are More by Tenth Avenue North. It changed my life 3 years ago.


I have found a lump in my breast. I ask for prayer it is not cancer, please.

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Social Intimacy (Episode 39)

This is the second episode of our series on intimacy.  In this episode we talk about social intimacy which the closeness felt in sharing the same social support network.


Confession Question: If someone close to you recommended that you go to counseling what would your response be? We'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at counseling, talk through myths about it and share why some...


You may not realize it, but you are a leader. Whoever you've been called to serve, that is who you're leading to Jesus. However you define a leader, you can probably relate to Moses.

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