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We’re always blown away by how God uses uplifting songs and encouraging conversations on KLRC to reach into so many places. Sometimes it’s a heart that needs encouraged in a hard work environment, and other times it’s the little hearts singing along in the back of an SUV.


Let's be real, 7th grade is tough.  It comes with a lot of challenges. Remember those math problems? Those were rough. But there are plenty of other challenges that come with being a 7th grader. Mary wrote us recently to share how she's coping with those daily struggles.


Home. How often do we take home for granted? For Joey, home became a place that wasn’t the best place for him to be. He needed a fresh start, with a new group of friends surrounding him. Friends who would support him on his journey to a new life.

New Job

After 16 years, my husband is taking a huge pay cut, but doing a job that he knows God called him to do. Please pray for our new chapter.


Please pray for my family. I am facing divorce but I know God is in control but it is tough to not worry. I know she is a good woman and I'm hoping she will find what she is needing and we can build the marriage that God wants us to have.

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Hello, Friend in the 4th Chair! We're so glad you're here.


You will encounter hardships on your wilderness journey with Jesus to your promise land. Your response to the difficulties you face is a key to whether you survive or thrive on your journey.


The same ways and tactics Satan used in the garden, are some of the same things he uses to level with us.

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