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Get Hope Delivered Straight to Your Inbox!

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The different members of the KLRC team have been through a variety of things over these last five years. You and I have, too. How many challenges have we worshiped God through? How many times has He brought us through as “more than conquerors?” (Rom.


You did it! God worked through you, the KLRC Family, to go up and over the goal at 9:20 this morning – almost 9 hours ahead of schedule and during a pandemic! 1040 of you joined together to provide $453,565 to fully fund KLRC for the year.


At KLRC, we’re excited to be partnering with another great organization that makes a Positive Difference among our community. Established locally in 1896, The Salvation Army has been providing healthy meals 365 days a year. In our listening area, ANYONE in need of food can come to a Salvation Army Kitchen and be fed for free.


I hope to have a good nights sleep


Please pray this verse for our family: Psalm 30:10 “Hear, O LORD, and have mercy on me; LORD, be my helper. ” Thank you and God's richest blessings to y'all always.

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No matter how dark things make seem, God’s love and light are still coming for you today.


Are you wondering if all of the circumstances in the world have changed God’s plan for you? Studying Joshua and Rahab, you’ll be encouraged even in the midst of a pandemic, political pressures, racial reconciliation...


Holley Gerth, author, speaker, and podcaster of More Than Small Talk Podcast (KLRC) discusses her latest book The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You.

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