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When we talk about vision at KLRC, it’s really not our vision – but His vision. We are absolutely convinced that God wants to bring hope to as many hearts as possible. Our role is to use the opportunities He has provided to do that in a variety ways.

When you go ALL IN and partner financially with KLRC, God uses you to help share hope in Jesus through uplifting songs and encouraging words on the radio. But as we look to the future, God is opening even more opportunities to use your investment to impact lives through our new radio format called Real FM. And in 2019, we’ll be launching several new podcasts to reach more people in more ways! Plus, together we’re excited about finding more creative ways to tangibly show God’s love by caring for our neighbors and community! Your support has also helped us improve our signal back-up systems so when can be there when you need us most.

God is using you to make a positive difference each day to thousands of people, so thanks for going ALL IN!"

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