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The last few days have been amazing, and we could not more be grateful! We heard so many powerful stories and saw God do such incredible things, including providing (through you, our listening family) 99% of our Fall Fundraiser need! This morning I walked into the studio and saw email from Jeffrey in Prairie Grove with a great reminder: 

Mark, please pass on my thanks to all the volunteers during your fundraiser. I know coming up shy can be disappointing. But look at it this way. 250 families will now get food for 2 weeks. I have been in a position a few times where I went hungry, just to be sure my kids were not. I would like to thank KLRC for being there when I thought there was little hope. When times were tough. All I had to do was listen to your station. Last year looked like doom for my family. Yet, when you put your trust in God, He will bring you through.

We could not agree more! And we continue to see God provide through listeners like Brianna who told us, "I am only 10 but I wanted to give. I woke up this morning and heard my alarm (which, by the way, plays your station), and here I am donating $30. God truly speaks through you."

If you want to join Brianna, you can give online anytime.  Thank you to the over one thousand individuals, families, and businesses who chose to help share hope in Jesus one song, one conversation, one heart at a time!

With gratitude for the whole KLRC team,

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