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Joe and Jen Butler started Ability Tree to provide a place of rest for families like theirs facing the challenge of raising a child with special needs. As another local non-profit with a heart for the Kingdom of God, they shared with us how KLRC not only provides them encouragement with music, but also gives them a platform to share their mission of hope for our community.


We love how God is using your support of KLRC to bring encouraging music and conversations to the Butlers, but we want you to know that your gift goes well beyond what you hear on the radio. God is also using your support to share hope in Jesus by highlighting important resources through our Non-Profit Database, and by telling the stories of people making a positive difference in Northwest Arkansas. These resources and stories being shared weave together a network of people who are taken care of when they’re in need, and find support in all areas of life.

Without the generous support of individuals throughout Northwest Arkansas and beyond for KLRC, we wouldn't have been blessed. If KLRC didn't exist, we wouldn't be where we are right now. When you support KLRC, you're doing a lot more than you realize. You're helping the radio station to stay on the air, but the ripple effect is far beyond that. You're impacting ministries and people that you don't even know.
— Joe Butler, Ability Tree

Our mission at KLRC is to use our media platform to share hope in Christ with as many people as possible. One of our favorite parts of that mission is sharing the stories of other non-profit organizations being the hands and feet of Jesus like Ability Tree. God, working through your support, makes that possible.

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