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Drive-Home Blog

It's another Friday, which means it's time again to reflect on what we learned on the Drive-Home this week!

Kara read a blog post from Nikki Thompson, who shared some words from her husband that we found encouraging:

‘There are many types of growth,’ Dr M says. ‘We all want to see shoot growth,’ he gestures with his expressive, large hands. ‘Shoot growth is highly visible, definable.’

It makes us feel like we are doing okay, I think to myself. In case anyone is watching, we feel more assured of what we are revealing.

‘But root growth,’ he continues. ‘That’s deeper, darker down. Less obvious, sometimes hidden.’

The type of growth looking for an anchor, I think. The type of growth fighting to hold on, and in the fighting, forming foundations. Securing." 

‘We all know which one feels better’, says Dr M. ‘But that doesn’t mean greater work isn’t going on even when we can’t see it.’

If you missed our on-air discussion about growth, you can catch up here:

Here's a few of the other things that we learned about on the show this week...

Tornado in Goodman, MO – You may have seen some of the images/video of the tornado that damaged a fire station and the elementary school in Goodman, Missouri. If you're looking for ways to help, we suggest checking out "Convoy of Hope," a disaster relief ministry that is responding in Goodman. 

National Burrito Day – We didn't learn about this until it had arrived, but yesterday was National Burrito Day! Kara may have tried to de-rail it, claiming that "Furritos" are much more fun, but everyone knows that a proper burrito is much more delicious. 

Pet Hair Watches – Kara likes cats. I like gadgets. So what if we put the two together? Presenting the "Pet Fur Watch." It sounds like a good idea... oh wait, no it's not. It's actually a very, very gross idea. What were they thinking?