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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about 90.9 KLRC? Check the frequently asked questions below to find the answer.

Who is KLRC owned by?

90.9 KLRC FM is owned and operated by John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR. The KLRC studios are located at the John Brown University Broadcast Center in historic downtown Siloam Springs.

Sometimes I have issues getting the 90.9 FM signal in my car or at home. Are there other ways I can listen?

Most definitely! KLRC also simulcasts on our other frequency, 101.1 FM.  In addition, two translators that help to strengthen our signal in certain areas. You can listen to KLRC at 99.1 FM in the Bentonville area, and at 103.5 FM in Springdale. And of course, you can listen to KLRC from anywhere in the world using our online stream here at KLRC.com, or via our apps for iOS and Android.

I've heard KLRC is listener supported. Can you explain what that means?

It's about like it sounds! As a non-commercial radio station, KLRC exists through the generous support of listeners who believe in the power of Christian radio. In fact, around 75% of KLRC's overall budget is listener support. We have annual fundraising events each spring and fall where we raise the majority of that money. However, you can give to KLRC any time of the year using our secure online system.

I own my own business, and I'm interested in advertising on KLRC. How does that work?

Because we are a non-commercial radio station, we cannot feature advertising on KLRC. However, we do have opportunities for businesses to become what we call "Ministry Partners" and underwrite programming on the station. Additionally, we offer online advertising opportunities here on KLRC.com. For more information on the difference between advertising and underwriting, and what KLRC can do for your business, check out our Ministry Partners page.

I'm helping organize a family-friendly event here in Northwest Arkansas, and I need some help in getting the word out. Unfortunately, I don't have much of a budget. Can KLRC help me out for free?

We understand that not everyone can afford to become a ministry partner. That's why KLRC has a couple of free ways to help promote local events. The first is the KLRC Event Calendar. You can submit your event to be included on the calendar, where it will be visible to KLRC.com visitors. Additionally, some events will be highlighted on-the-air during KLRC's "Here's What's Happening" feature, which plays regularly on KLRC during the day. Because of the volume of events submitted, and because of the free nature of this service, KLRC makes no guarantees about if or when your event will be highlighted on the air.

I'm a local music artist / band member. How do I submit a demo to KLRC?

Please send a demo CD to KLRC at the following address:

Attn Mark Michaels
90.9 KLRC FM
110 N Broadway
Siloam Springs, AR, 72761

Why don't you guys play more types of music like hip-hop or dance?

We play a lot of pop, hip-hop and EDM on our sister station, Real FM! Go check it out!

I've got a comment, concern, or a question that isn't addressed here. How do I get in touch with you?

Please visit our contact page for all of our contact information.