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My parents instilled in me a strong sense of gratitude. Numerous times growing up, our family would receive unexpected gifts from people that helped our family in very challenging times. I vividly remember my dad falling off a building on a job site, leaving our family to survive on $95 per week from workers' compensation. I have never forgotten friends providing meals, purchasing Christmas gifts, and my sister’s junior class pulling together their unused lunch money to buy her a Senior Ring. Being the recipient of other people’s generosity has certainly made me extremely grateful.

“He that gives should never remember, he that receives should never forget.” 
The Talmud

My favorite part of working with "Team KLRC" (our generous KLRC donors) is making sure they feel appreciated. We are a community-supported radio station thanks to hundreds of listeners that believe in the ministry and trust God to use their gifts to share hope. Today for Valentine's Day, we are celebrating “We Love Team KLRC Day!” We want to make sure that our entire support team realizes that without them, KLRC's impact in our community wouldn’t be possible.

Recently, a father sent us a text with a picture of his daughter lying in a hospital bed. The text read, “After 8 days in ICU, Jessica is in a regular room. The first thing she asked for was her phone and the KLRC app. Now she is singing along. Thanks KLRC.”

The kindness and continuing support of our donors make stories like Jessica’s real. I have the privilege to read and hear these stories, but not always the capacity to share each one with every donor. So today, as we share stories of hope and say thank you to Team KLRC, my hope and prayer is that if you are a KLRC donor, you will feel loved, appreciated and celebrated!

Thank you for choosing to support the ministry of KLRC and believing in the work God is orchestrating to change hearts and lives... one song, one conversation, and one heart at a time!