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Here's a big question. How do you recognize the voice of God? Instead of being frustrated that God does not speak to us in an audible voice, perhaps it would be helpful for us to remind ourselves how He does speak. 

"The Word was made flesh," John the Gospel writer says. The word, the voice, became a person and lived among us. The voice of God was in our face. His voice was in a baby's cry, in a young boy, in a teacher, a rabbi. His voice made broken people whole, and made few things into many. His voice turned the sorrow of a grieving parent into the laughter of a girl brought back from the dead. His voice spoke through a crown of thorns. In pain, in suffering, in blood and broken bones. His voice saying, "I know your pain. I have felt it. But this pain is not the end."

The Gospel gives us a framework for the way God speaks to us. In every place, every sorrow, every celebration. He does not speak from afar, a God who's perched on His throne, a safe distance from His repulsive subjects. No. He speaks here, and now, as He walks with you on the road. As He carries you, when you cannot walk. As He grieves with you in your loss, reminding you, "I know your pain. But this pain is not the end." Listen for His voice. He speaks truth and love to you.