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It’s the best kind of news you can hear early on a Monday morning. I remember walking into the studio and checking our KLRC email. Over the weekend, we had received a note from Shelly in Park Hill, Oklahoma.

Last night driving home from a friend's house, my 9-year-old daughter Lulu and I were listening to 90.9 KLRC when the song, 'Who You Say I Am' came on. It got to the part about being a child of God, and she spoke up saying they talked about being a child of God at church camp. She said, 'I'm ready to be a child of God!' So as we drove, we talked about Jesus dying on the cross and forgiving our sins. She prayed the sinners prayer asking Jesus into her heart! Best day ever!! You never know how just a few words in one song can change someone's life forever. Thank you KLRC.

When you chose to invest financially in helping keep KLRC on the air, you have a part in these kind of life-changing moments! Thank you for truly making a positive difference and helping share hope in Jesus to Lulu and so many more! You can join TEAM KLRC right now and make a gift that God will use to make a difference – one song, one conversation, one heart at a time!

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