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You did it! God worked through KLRC listeners locally and around the country to not only hit this week’s fundraiser need, but to go up and over the goal a full 24 hours ahead of schedule… and during a pandemic! The $225,000 budget need was met and an additional $20,000 was pledged to Project "Spread the Word" to help meet ministry growth needs that we had removed from the budget! Only God could provide in this way and only God could invite us to experience the joy of giving! We are so grateful.

Can I share some things our team has prayed for daily over the past month?

  • A surprising surge of cheerful givers and provision,
  • An experience of community in step with Your Spirit,
  • A covering of protection over every detail.

We also prayed that our gratitude would soar as we beheld:

  • God in richest generosity and blessing,
  • God’s precious reflection in His people,
  • Stories within and without of transforming grace.

If you were able to join us for any portion of the week, you experienced right along with us how God answered every detail of this prayer. From the $1 pledge to the $25,000 leadership challenge gift, every giver cheerfully gave what God put on their heart to give. From a listener giving her flooring budget (and then receiving it back two-fold by a generous business owner) to a dear friend intent on ending it all until God used a song by Casting Crowns to speak His love and grace into her heart... God provided stories of transforming grace.

We’ve seen His reflection in YOU this week and our hearts are, indeed, soaring with gratitude. We’re Rising Together and are so looking forward to sharing His hope with as many people as possible through KLRC, Real FM, the KLRC & Real FM Podcast Networks, and our new signal in Van Buren and Ft. Smith!