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We’re excited to be partnering with another great organization that makes a Positive Difference among our community. Established locally in 1896, The Salvation Army has been providing healthy meals 365 days a year. In our listening area, ANYONE in need of food can come to a Salvation Army Kitchen and be fed for free.

During KLRC's Fall Fundraiser, a community of listeners like you will make a difference in thousands of lives by helping share hope in Christ through a financial gift to KLRC. Many of these friends will also be helping to feed the homeless through the work of the Salvation Army!

For every new gift of $40 dollars a month (or a $500 single gift) or more given to KLRC, a generous donor to the Salvation Army will also make a gift that will cover the cost of feeding a homeless person for 10 full days!

So, whether you’ve never given before, or want to increase your investment to $40 dollars a month, your gift will not only keep KLRC on the air, but will also feed the hungry in our community.

Historically, the number of hungry people in our community increases in the fall. You can help ensure that no one who is hungry will be turned away from a warm, home-cooked meal. On this very day, approximately 150 individuals will return and 85 new individuals will enter the doors to the Salvation Army hungry. The same will be true tomorrow.

You can be a part of something that truly makes a difference. God will use your gift to KLRC to share hope when someone needs it the most. And, because you gave, a friend of the Salvation Army will also give enough to feed a homeless person for ten full days, all while showing them the love of God.

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