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"Sharing hope in Jesus Christ with as many people as possible."

That's our mission here at KLRC. It's at the heart of everything we do. And thanks to the generous support of our listening community, KLRC is already reaching thousands of listeners in Northwest Arkansas and beyond every single day.

But what if we could reach even more?

Our God created a diverse world. Not everyone looks the same, has the same interests, or listens to the same kinds of music. It's like this: almost everybody loves ice cream, right? But not everyone shares the same favorite flavor. Sure, chocolate is massively popular and lots of people love it – just ask my wife. But I'll come out and admit it... I'm not a big fan of chocolate ice cream. I know, I know... that's almost blasphemous, right? But I'm honestly more of a strawberry kind of guy!

We realize that while KLRC is loved and appreciated by so many, not everyone loves one style of Christian music. And that's ok! Think about it... how many more people could we reach with hope in Jesus if we offered multiple "flavors" of music?

That's why we created Real FM. It's a new "flavor" of Christian radio that plays an upbeat variety of authentic pop and hip-hop, including artists like Lecrae, NF, Tori Kelley, Twenty One Pilots, and more. And thanks to your support, it's already reaching new listeners with hope in Christ. 

"In the midst of some of the hardest days of my life, the song "Still Breathing" on Real FM is my fight song. I wanted to stop breathing, but I'm still here and so thankful that Real FM plays the music that hits the spot and gets me through."

Are you interested in partnering with us to bring Real FM and hope in Jesus to a brand new audience? Here's how you can help.

First, check out Real FM for yourself! You can listen to Real FM's live stream and podcasts right now at RealFM.online, or using the Real FM iOS App or Android App.

Second, help us spread the word! Be sure to share Real FM with family and friends that you think would appreciate this flavor of Christian radio. You can also share the station on social media!

Finally, your financial support of KLRC now reaches more people than ever before with hope when they need it most through the combined outreach of KLRC and Real FM. Would you consider making a gift to KLRC in advance of our upcoming Fall Fundraiser?

Thanks for making a Positive Difference!