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How often do we take home for granted? For Joey, home became a place that wasn’t the best place for him to be. He needed a fresh start, with a new group of friends surrounding him. Friends who would support him on his journey to a new life. That’s just what he found at Returning Home. 

After completing the program and finding a home where he felt welcome, Joey now serves on the staff at Returning Home. When new clients arrive Joey is one of the first people they meet. He told me that many of the new residents listen to him because he’s been where they are. They see in Joey what they hope to one day see in themselves, a life without crime.

Every year, Returning Home opens its doors to men and women who have recently been released from prison. At Returning Home they find a safe place to figure out their next steps, and a family to help them with those steps.

A hot meal, a safe place to sleep, job training, life skill classes, and friendship are just a few things the residents at Returning Home have access to. But the biggest thing they find at Returning Home… is hope!

If you’d like to find out more about how you can get involved with Returning Home you can connect with them here. And be listening to KLRC in the month of March to hear about some special ways you can join with them.