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Back in 1962, the people in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, had a great idea. They assembled a time capsule to preserve the town’s history for future generations. Then they buried it. The problem was, when they wanted to dig it up 25 years later for a city celebration, no one could recall where it was.

Westport Elementary in Springfield, Missouri, had the same problem with their time capsule in 1997. They looked in the cornerstone of the building and it wasn’t there. Some people vaguely remembered it to be buried near the flag pole. They dug in several places using a metal detector. Finally, the 50-year-old time capsule was found behind the cornerstone.

I would venture to guess that perhaps this same thing has happened in your family. Not that you’ve hidden a time capsule and forgotten where you put it, but some wonderful things have happened in your life and you’ve forgotten to pass these great events on to your family. What blessings?—what healings?—what victories have you forgotten to tell the youngest family members?

The Bible says that over a period of time, the Israelites forgot the miracles God did for them during the Exodus. There’s always a danger of forgetting the great things God has done. Therefore we must speak often about the works of God to our children. That’s how God keeps alive His truth for future generations.

Think of some good things God has done for you and tell someone about it today. God will help you, if you just let Him.