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The KLRC Blog

Welcome to the new KLRC.com!  We've updated literally everything about KLRC's online services, and we're super excited to finally unveil these upgrades!  Check out the list below to learn about all the new features our new website, online stream, and mobile apps are bringing to you.

The New KLRC.com

KLRC.com has been completely redesigned to serve you better.  We've cut out much of the lesser-used portions of our old site to put more focus and emphasis on the content and information that is important to you.

New and Improved Event Calendar

Why have two calendars when you can just have one?  We've combined the concert calendar and community calendar, but we've also made it significantly easier for you to find information about the events that you care about.  You can sort events by category, location, and date, but you can also sort by type -- some events are sponsored by KLRC, while others have been submitted to us by the community.  We'll regularly feature select community events that we think would be great activities for you and your family.

Closings and Cancellations

We've heard from our listeners for years that KLRC has had the easiest-to-read closings list of any TV or radio station website in the region, and that won't change with our new site!  We're committed to providing up-to-the-minute closing information about schools, churches, and business closings in NWA and NE Oklahoma, and we'll always present it in a way that doesn't force you to hunt around to find the information you need!

The KLRC Prayer Center

Prayer is in integral part of KLRC's ministry, and we're thrilled to expand our Prayer ministry on the new KLRC.com.  You can submit a prayer request to KLRC, which will be reviewed and then posted to the KLRC Prayer Center.  Other listeners can browse requests, leave encouraging notes and comments, or simply tap the "I Prayed for This" button to let the person know they're being lifted up!  At the end of each day, you'll receive a quick e-mail from KLRC letting you know how many people have prayed for you.  Of course, you can turn off these e-mail notifications at any time with a single click.  

KLRC Blogs

You catch great content all the time from our shows like the KLRC Morning Show and The Drive-Home, but now you can also get that content online! Check out the Morning Show and Drive-Home blogs for the latest content from KLRC, or hear more from and about KLRC's partners in ministry (like featured non-profits) at the official KLRC Blog.

New Mobile Apps

New iOS App

We've completely redesigned our app for iPhone! Due to various changes and issues with our streaming and application providers, we did have to launch a separate new app rather than updating the previous one.  To get the new KLRC experience on iOS, you'll need to download the app by searching for "90.9 KLRC" in the app store. 

New Android App

For the first time, we have an official KLRC app for Android!  The app offers the same functionality as our iOS app, and we're happy to finally be offering this to our many listeners with Android devices.

Online Streaming Options

Our new online stream actually debuted last fall, but there are some great new features we want to make sure you're aware of!

Completely New Design

The new stream features beautiful cover art and artist photography to add to the listening experience. But the new stream doesn't just look better, it's more functional too!  There's built-in artist bios, discography, photo galleries, and more.  You can also share your favorite songs with friends, or add them to a favorites list to remember for later. 

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The best part about the new stream might be something you'll never really notice -- it just works!  Tap the play button from any browser, or even on your mobile device like a phone or tablet, and the stream plays!  No plugins to download, just your KLRC playing on your device no matter where you are.