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This Valentine's Day, we are excited to announce the newest member of the KLRC Podcast Network!

We know relationships are important, and most of us know how hard it can be to connect to another human being in a healthy way. Join Dr. James and Nicola Hawkins for "A More Excellent Way," KLRC's new relationship podcast! Their passion is to offer another voice that echoes hope and healing in our community of faith. The podcast exists to offer treasures for singles, married couples, families with children, engaged couples, foster families, and adoptive families. Each podcast is designed to help you be invigorated, comforted, and equipped as each episode helps reflect on the way God views marriage, family, and relationships.

Join us starting on Valentine's Day for a fresh perspective on relationships, and enjoy the fun and insightful conversations Dr. Hawkins and Nicola bring!

To learn more about their ministry in our community, check out their "A More Excellent Way" website