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If I could ask you to name one of your biggest highlights from the past month, how would you respond? Was it a Spring break trip with the family? Maybe God taught you something new through your church or small group? Or, maybe you just discovered that you will be getting a refund on your taxes!

For us, the highlight was most definitely watching God work through you during our annual Sharathon, which kicked off three weeks ago today. The days immediately following Sharathon are always a bit of a blur for us as we work almost around the clock to send thank you letters, take care of data entry needs, and verify pledges. Now that a few weeks have passed, I’m getting a chance to go back and soak in all that God did during that very special week.

We’re humbled by the 2,100 of you that made a financial commitment during Sharathon. Almost 600 of you shared stories with us about how God has used KLRC in your life or why you felt led to support this work financially. An anonymous donor to the Samaritan Community Center is making it possible for 320 kids in our area to receive healthy food every weekend for an entire school year because so many of you jumped on board at with a gift of at least $30 per month. More than 70 of you took time from your schedule just before Spring Break to help us answer phones and take pledges. In all, $746,215 was given to keep this ministry strong for another year. It truly was a very special week for each of us and we are so deeply grateful for all God did through you!

Usually, the story ends there. But, this year was different. This year, for the first year ever, we fell short of hitting the overall Sharathon goal -- $154,000 short, to be exact.

This would be a very scary place to be if we had put our trust and faith in our own ability to provide for this ministry. Thankfully, we don’t have to respond out of fear. God doesn’t want us to try and “do” this ministry without Him. In fact, we would fail miserably if we tried. He wants us to trust Him and rest in the assurances of His goodness and faithfulness. That message is just as true for KLRC today as it has been for all the years that we have hit the Sharathon goal. (By the way, that message is true for you as well no matter what challenges you may be facing).

Many of you have asked us exactly what this will mean for KLRC going forward. The short answer is that we do have more work to do in the days and months ahead. We operate with a zero based budget. If you’ve ever listened to Dave Ramsey, you’ve heard him tell people to make sure that every dollar has a name. This means that even before we start our next fiscal year in July, we’ll have already done our best to project where every dollar of our budget will be going in the year ahead. We prayerfully established our goal of $900,000 based on the listener portion of our budget need for the next year. In short, we’ve already gone through a process of cutting costs in order to arrive at the budgeted need for next year.

We’ll continue to re-examine everything in the budget to make sure we’re being wise stewards with what God has entrusted to us. But, the reality is that for this ministry to remain strong, we need more people to answer the call to invest financially in what God is doing through KLRC.

If you’ve given to Sharathon in the past few years and missed out on Sharathon this year, we’ll be sending you a special invitation by mail to rejoin the support family that makes this ministry possible. If you’ve never given before, we’re asking if you’ll simply ask God if He is calling you to help stand in the gap to finish funding our operations for the next year.

We’re laying all this before God and asking Him to once again provide through His people so that almost 90,000 people can continue to find HOPE when they need it most. Will you join us in this prayer? And, if God is calling you to be among a very special group of people that will play a part in this work, we would be honored to hear from you today. You can give securely online anytime at KLRC.com or by calling our 24 hour giving line at 866-807-8585.

Almost 600 people shared testimonies with us about how God is using KLRC in their lives. When you join our support family, you are playing an important role in these testimonies and countless others. Thank you for your partnership in the amazing things God is doing through KLRC! We are so very thankful.