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I have an issue with people cutting in line. It’s probably because I’m a rule follower to a fault. When someone cuts in front of me or others, I struggle.

In Luke 8, we find someone cutting in line in front of Jairus. Jesus is taking his precious time with a woman who has an issue of blood.

But Jairus approached Jesus first. His 12 year-old daughter is sick. Finally, the woman with the issue of blood is healed. Jesus and Jairus arrive at his daughter’s side, but it seems it’s too late.

Jesus walks over to the little girl, and moments later, Jairus’ daughter dashes into her daddy’s arms.

It may not have been in Jairus' timing, but it’s still a beautiful miracle.  

It’s challenging when we feel like we should be first. We were the first to dream that dream. We were the first to say yes. We asked God for help first. And yet we feel last as others receive their answers in front of us.

When that happens, it may feel like that dream or promise has died, but God’s compassion and power isn’t like sand in an hourglass. It doesn’t run out.

Miracles take place as we trust and hold fast to his word and presence. Whether first or last, He is near as we walk toward that miracle.