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“If I choose my mood then I'm going to stay in that mood. If I'm upset I'd pick an upsetting playlist. But when I listen to KLRC, it's just uplifting."

Alyssa recently discovered KLRC, in the middle of a rough day.

"I didn't get the promotion that I thought I was going to get. I was really upset about it, and I was like, 'I'm just gonna put on the radio.' I happened across your station. I started listening to the song, "The Blessing." Driving around Rogers and listening to that song broke me, in a way. I was just really moved by it. That's how I became a listener."

Alyssa downloaded the app and now listens at work to stay encouraged throughout the day.

"I think it just changes my day. It's a way that I can connect with God and keep my eyes on Him."

The more she listened, Alyssa started to notice that something was different.

"I feel like there's been a change in my attitude and how I connect with people. Reminding myself why I'm here on this planet has sort of changed my outlook."

We asked Alyssa what she would like to say to the KLRC support team.

"I would say that your dollars are going to reach someone you'll never see. But it could change their day. It could change their life. You might not get to see the blessing until you get to heaven one day. But you're changing people's lives with your donation."

Find out how you can join Team KLRC and keep encouraging Alyssa.