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We’re always blown away by how God uses uplifting songs and encouraging conversations on KLRC to reach into so many places.

Sometimes it’s a heart that needs encouraged in a hard work environment, and other times it’s the little hearts singing along in the back of an SUV. Songs of hope are reaching literal prisoners and others who feel like their life circumstance have them in a prison of hopelessness. God is truly using your support to reaching people all of our community!

Once in a while we find out it has spread even further... to people like Alejandro in Monterrey, Mexico, Angie in Ontario, Canada, Mark in the Shanxi Province in China, and Akin in Lagos, Nigeria, who told us,

"Thank you for all the uplifting songs and encouragement. I hope you guys stay for a long time, because my son already listens to KLRC, and he is three and one-half years old. My heart is filled with joy when he sings along."

So not only does your support makes a Positive Difference here in our community, it also makes an eternal impact for listeners all over the world! Thanks for choosing to be part of the Spring Fundraiser today.

The KLRC Drive-Home

P.S. Here are a few other fun places we’ve heard from:

"I'm from Caruaru City, Brazil, and I love to hear this 90.9 KLRC. Thanks God!" –Wladson

“Desde Formosa, Argentina. Dios bendiga. Un pedido... Needtobreathe Multiplied. Gracias!” –Nicolas
(Translation: "From Formosa, Argentina. God Bless. A request... Needtobreathe Multiplied. Thanks!")

“I'm listening to KLRC Christmas music in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Central Africa.” –David

“What a blessing for us here on the islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I listen to KLRC through the internet 24/7. God bless KLRC. The Music and everything is fantastic." –Ronald