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God's Song to Us

I can’t wait to introduce you to a mom I got to meet recently.

Her name is Tysha, and we have a lot in common. We’re both single moms, we both have a house full of children, and we both have a 17 year-old son. But last September, Tysha’s son, Kyler, was driving home and lost his life in a car accident.

Kyler is in heaven.

GodsSong ParagraphRecently Tysha invited us into her home, because she wanted to share the story of Kyler’s life and how KLRC has been strength and support for her family as they have walked through the last few months without him.

“It’s hard to experience joy or happiness without one of your children being here. But then you think, ‘He’s in heaven!’ Experiencing way more joy and happiness than we are. God is the reason for our hope. Knowing that Kyler knew him, that he is with him, and that we will see him again.

I’ve listened to KLRC for several years, but the Casting Crowns song ‘Just Be Held’ is the song that has really spoken to me through this. I was listening to you play the top songs of 2016, and that song was #3. Kyler was #3. I just started bawling in the car. You know, it was just one more sign that this was God’s song to us during this season.”

Tysha first reached out to us last fall during KLRC’s Fall Fundraiser because she wanted to be part of what God is doing through KLRC.

"I just felt like God was leading me to donate. KLRC touches so many people’s lives. It has definitely impacted my family. We are growing stronger in our faith, and we’re relying on God get through this. So, if I can help, in any way, to continue to reach other families... if I can touch just one person... then it’s all worth it."

Because of your support of KLRC, Tysha and her kids are being encouraged every single day when they get in the car and turn on the radio. You make that possible with your gift to KLRC.

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