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Let's be real, 7th grade is tough. It comes with a lot of challenges. Remember those math problems? Those were rough. But there are plenty of other challenges that come with being a 7th grader. Mary wrote us recently to share how she's coping with those daily struggles.

"I love to listen to your station, it gets my day started in the right way. It helps me cheer up if I had a bad day at school. As soon as I get in the car I turn on your station."

Mary also stays encouraged by listening on her phone with the KLRC app.

"When I feel depressed and down, I just plug in my headphones to my phone and I turn on KLRC."

As a mom it's hard to watch your kids struggle. Mary's mom shared with us what it means for her daughter to have a safe place to turn to in this season.

"It's hard, but it's nice to know she's not listening to stuff that can turn her away from God. She can just go into her room and pray and listen to KLRC, and I know where her heart is. You guys are awesome, and you need to stick around a lot longer."

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