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You've likely already seen the images of destruction on the news from tornadoes that ripped through Mayflower and Vilonia here in Arkansas, as well as Quapaw in Oklahoma and Baxter Springs in Kansas. Yesterday, additional storms caused even more widespread damage in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and several other states. Much like you, our hearts here at KLRC are very heavy as we see the loss of lives, property, and possessions that are now being reported. 

KLRC listeners have been quick to respond to tornado disasters in Joplin, Missouri as well as Moore, Oklahoma over the past few years. True to form, we have already had many in our community ask us how they might be able to contribute to the victims of this latest round of storms. We're so thankful for the generosity of the KLRC listening family!

Rescuers and aid organizations have mobilized to the areas affected, but are obviously in the very early days of what will be a long rebuilding and recovery process. Many authorities are currently asking for those wishing to provide assistance to stay out of damaged areas to allow search and rescue personnel to do their jobs effectively. While we are anxious to provide any assistance we can, we also want to ensure that any action taken or donations collected are actually needed and useful, and certainly not a hindrance to the work that is already being done by others.

In the coming weeks, KLRC will continue to evaluate opportunities to provide truly helpful and meaningful assistance to the victims of these storms. In the meantime, we would encourage those who wish to make immediate contributions to the recovery effort to channel their support through organizations that are already well equipped to provide an appropriate response to a severe weather crisis.  While there are many disaster relief organizations that are worthy of your support, here are a couple we here at KLRC would recommend...

Convoy of Hope — KLRC has partnered with Convoy of Hope in the past to aid in their relief efforts in the communities of Joplin and Moore. They are a faith-based humanitarian relief organization based in Springfield, Missouri, and are consistently among the first to respond to natural disasters throughout the world. They already have assessment teams on the ground in Vilonia, Quapaw, and Baxter Springs, and have begun mobilizing supplies. You can donate to Convoy of Hope through their website. 

Samaritan's Purse — A nondenominational evangelical Christian organization, Samaritan's Purse is one of the most well-known organizations in the world providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people. Samaritan's Purse has staff members in Mayflower, Vilonia, Baxter Springs, and Louisville, Mississippi. You can contribute to the Samaritan's Purse US disaster relief efforts online. 

Stay tuned for additional opportunities to provide help and hope to these storm victims! If you have any questions or would like to let us know about any relief efforts you know about or are a part of, feel free to contact us.