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What is a "comfort zone?" Comfort zones are invisible barriers of belief, attitude and behavior that make us feel comfortable and secure.

Comfort is good unless it restricts us from needed change.

When a crab grows, it breaks out of its old hard shell and begins the process of forming a new one.  During its “soft shell” phase, it becomes more vulnerable.  The crab expands when it is in-between shells not while it’s in a shell.  It will continue to grow only as long as it breaks loose from what has protected it in the past, and when it stops growing it begins to die.  The last shell it forms becomes the crab’s coffin.

Do you get the analogy for us today?

When God calls you to change and growth it can make you vulnerable to criticism and failure, but if you’re unwilling to take the risk then how can God lead you forward?

God will help you do this, if you’ll just let Him.