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I've been thinking more about that big question of how we recognize the voice of God. A few weeks ago I was leading a retreat for university students. It was that Saturday when here  Northwest Arkansas, the rain absolutely poured down in torrents. And I came upon Psalm 29.


There’s an image of Jesus I can’t get out of my mind. It’s found in Matthew 8. Jesus has ministered all day long. Evening comes and more crowds press in. Then He and the disciples climb into a boat to sail to the other side of the lake.


Many minorities in evangelical circles are trying to express that evangelicalism is now dominated by the cultural defaults, political defaults, and social defaults of the majority culture. My experience and mentorship in predominantly African American church settings had a rich influence on me as a minister of the Gospel.


If we could have coffee today, I'd say, "Let's talk about gratitude. " "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you," says 1 Thessalonians 5:18.   There's one little word in that verse I recently realized makes all the difference.


I read a quote just yesterday that made me smile and think. It talked about the universal phenomenon that happens on a merry-go-round. A child rides their carousel horse and every time, without fail, they will wave to their parent as they ride by. And every time, without fail, their parent waves back.


If I were a silent voice inside your head helping you to build healthy relationships, you might hear me ask the question, "Do you choose healthy relationships over being right?" Now there’s an intriguing question. Can the two coexist? I would say the answer is yes and no.


A father and his daughter had a very close relationship and they spent a great deal of time in each other’s company.  Then one day, the father noticed a change in his daughter’s behavior. If he suggested they go for a walk, she excused herself from going.


When I was little, one of the best times of the year was when the Sears Christmas catalog arrived. I could page through that toy section and dog ear all the possible items for my Christmas list. When I was very young, it was usually some sort of baby doll that I wanted.


Successful companies, churches, sports teams, and marriages have more good than bad happening, but they get better because they are willing to address the issues that are not quite right.  Yes, 98% of things may be going well, but that 2% needs to be addressed or it could jeopardize the other 98%.


I'm Holley Gerth, author of You're Already Amazing.  If we could have coffee today, I'd say, only God can tell us who we really are.   Tell me who I am. Isn't this request the whisper of our hearts? We look for the answer in friendships, in romance, in jobs.