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If I look back on my daily to-do list since March, “singing” hasn’t been one single task at all. In fact, I actually looked back on my digital task list for the past few months and if I had to describe the overall theme I’d say it’s more or less just “get through this.


Have you ever read a passage of scripture and had a hard time believing it? Perhaps you’ve stood in church for a worship song or hymn and struggled to make yourself sing the words.


“Remember when you so badly wanted what you currently have?” I know what you’re thinking, this quote doesn’t seem all that exciting, at first glance it looks like one of quotes you’d see on Pinterest or printed across a trendy coffee mug.


The sky outside is a dense, soaked grey today. It reminds me of earlier this year when my husband and I watched from our living room window as menacing clouds rose up in the distance then stretched their fingers tentatively toward the ground. We live in tornado country and we don’t take such sights lightly.


My mother did an admirable job of teaching me the importance of good manners. Greeting others with a smile, speaking only when spoken to, chewing with your mouth closed; saying “please, ” saying “thank you. ”  Early on I learned it was especially important that I personally write a thank-you note upon receiving a gift from someone.


Hi! I’m Alexus, and I could lovingly be referred to as a pen collector, highlighter junkie, and post-it hoarder. In other words, I'm a thorough planner. I carry my planner with me everywhere and have had nightmares about losing it to the wind.


I have kept my face glued to my screen(s) over the last weekend, my heart breaking. I don’t know of a better analogy for human fallenness than a peaceful event turning violent due to the sin nature that we all wrestle with. Fear, anger, racism, and confusion.


Do you remember the point in your life where you realized that the adults in the room didn’t have all the answers? All of us come to that realization at some point. For me, it was in our kitchen early in the morning on September 11th, 2001. My mom was standing perfectly still watching the news.


Whenever I’m faced with uncertainty in life, I always get jealous of the people in the Bible that heard God’s voice audibly. I so badly want the thunder to crack and hear God’s unmistakably booming voice say: “Isaac, you need to do ‘X’ and stop thinking about ‘Y’. ”  Sadly, though, that doesn’t happen-at least not for me.


I recently went out to lunch with a friend of mine and as we were doing the song and dance of figuring out where to eat, he named off at least two restaurants in my small town that I hadn’t even realized were there.