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For more than 20 years, CASA of Northwest Arkansas has been serving kids right here in our community who need someone to be an advocate on their behalf. Kids who are abused or neglected face many things that are hard for them to process. CASA volunteers come along side of those kids during a time when they most need someone to look out for them. Advocates help make sure the kids get to dental and medical appointments. They make sure that their home environment is safe. They check in with the school to see if there are any needs. Basically they serve as a voice for each child to make sure that the court orders for each child are being followed.

The process of being a child advocate is both difficult and rewarding. Volunteers average serving 10-15 hours a month, and a typical case needs an advocate for 12-18 months. But that time is priceless to these kids. Oftentimes kids in care say that their CASA Advocate was the only consistent person in their lives for that period of time.

CASA serves kids and volunteers by offering training for advocates, as well as a case worker for volunteers to work with. Their goal is to provide an advocate for each and every child in care in NWA. If you have a heart for kids, are organized, and have an extra few hours a week CASA would love to meet with you to answer any questions you might have about being an advocate. If you’d like to find out other ways you can help CASA you can connect with them here.