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Photo by khrawlings. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

We have all tried to balance a ball or a stick on our finger. 

It takes practice and patience but we feel a sense of accomplishment when we succeed.

Balance can a difficult thing to achieve in marriage.

Husbands and wives may be different in the way they view money.  Some like to save, some spend.  Some like detail and looking at numbers, while others don’t want to be bothered with the details.  The fact is that God has made us different for a reason.  He knows that bringing people together who have different tendencies and priorities helps bring balance to a relationship.

Without balance, the saver may become a hoarder or the spender may squander the money too quickly.  As we learn how to work together and appreciate our differences rather that resenting them, we find that we can accomplish so much more by working together.

Meeting with a financial coach can be the catalyst necessary for a couple to begin to understand and embrace their different tendencies.  Then they can learn to communicate more effectively.

Don’t put it off, your home may be hanging in the balance!