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Several years ago, a government official was invited to be the commencement speaker for a small college in South Carolina.

The auditorium was filled with students excited about the opportunity to hear a person of her stature speak. After the governor gave the introduction, the speaker began by saying, “I was born to a mother who was deaf and could not speak. I do not know who my father is or was. The first job I ever had was in a cotton field. But nothing has to remain the way it is if that’s not the way a person wants it to be. It isn’t luck, and it isn’t circumstances. It isn’t being born a certain way that causes a person’s future to become what it becomes."

“Nothing has to remain the way it is if that’s not the way a person wants it to be," she repeated softly. "All a person has to do,” she added in a firm voice, “is answer the question: how do I want this situation to change? What do I want to become? Then the person must commit totally to personal actions that carry them there and ask God to help them.”

Then a beautiful smile shone forth as she said, “My name is Azie Taylor Morton. I stand before you today as treasurer of the United States of America.” 

I told you just a little portion of this success story to illustrate one of the most thrilling aspects of being an American and being a Christian. In America, you can be whatever you want to be and with God, all things are possible. Whatever your dream is, God can help you, if you just let Him.