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My car was jammed with my daughter’s belongings. As we drove to the university a few hours away, we talked about the adventure she was about to experience.

We arrived on campus and carried in heavy boxes. The whole time I pointed out how exciting it all was. Hours later, we said goodbye. I walked briskly to my car, put my head on my steering wheel and cried like a baby.

I wasn’t pretending with my daughter. I was happy for her, but my normal was changing too. I didn’t realize that, even as my daughter was launching into her new season, God had good things for me as well.

Psalm 37:23 reminds us that our steps are ordered by the Lord, and he delights in each step that we take.

When we are on the cusp of a new normal – whatever that looks like – we can rest in this truth: Normal isn’t our guide. It’s not our anchor. Our connection to our Heavenly Father is, and he delights in each new step.