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If I were a silent voice inside your head helping you to build healthy relationships you might hear me ask, “Are you speaking from the heart?” 

Let me use a metaphor to explain why I posed such an important question. Memorizing scripture can be a powerful part of our spiritual journey, or it can just be rote memorization. If it’s the latter, the words mean nothing; it's only an exercise in brain power. But if it’s for spiritual growth that one memorizes God’s Word to gain wisdom in tangible ways applied to everyday life... well that’s not just powerful, that’s transformational living!

Now apply that concept to relationships. We might not be memorizing a script, but if all we do is stay in “content” or speak to each other at a “surface level” we are missing connection at a heart level. Jesus met people “where they were.” He wanted to know who He was with, where they came from, and where they were going.  Although Jesus already knew these answers, He cared enough to ask the questions.

If you care about someone, you too must be curious with and about them. Be willing to go deep into emotions to find what causes them pain or what brings them joy, and yes, meet them where they are. The more curious you are, the farther away from content and surface you travel as you draw near to the heart!