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My girls once accused me of being the worst when it came to accepting a compliment. They'd say something like, "Mom, you look pretty today. " I'd say, "I'm really having a bad hair day. " Some might say that I was just being humble. But I wasn’t.


You don’t have to search very hard to realize that delegation is not only a skill, but it is a quality identified with most great leaders. Perhaps it’s because at the root of delegation is trust. In passing off a task, a project, or a vision you’re demonstrating that you trust others to take appropriate actions.


"How's grandma doing?" I ask over the phone. It's been a few months since her fall, and it's been a slow road to recovery. She was grateful to be able to stay with my parents for a few weeks, but she was ready to be back in her familiar space.


The KLRC Fall Fundraiser is now in the record books and our hearts are full of gratitude.  In the past few days, you've responded in an incredible way and we are so very thankful!.


It’s been an amazing week filled with special stories of how God is using a small army of people to impact lives throughout Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma, and Southwest Missouri! I’m so grateful to each of you who have responded already and am looking forward with great expectation to what God has in store for us on this final day...


"I used to live at the Salvation Army and was able to save up money so I could get a place to live. When I got there all I had were the clothes on my back. Now I have an apartment of my own.


Often we see homeless people at busy intersections, and we want to do something. I have good news for you – this is your moment to do something! At KLRC, we’re excited to be partnering with another great organization that makes a positive difference among our community.


The balloons are hung, the volunteer schedule is filling up, and I can't help but believe we are about to see a miracle unfold as we kick off KLRC's fall fundraiser.


Hi this is Mark from the KLRC Morning Show.


We carry crock pots into the kitchen and set them on the table. Soup is ladled into bowls. Bread is neatly placed on plates. Dessert stands ready on a counter nearby. Outside hungry people wait. My community group is serving those in need tonight. And aren't we all in need?.