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It’s easy near the beginning of the year to start making resolutions and commitments to things we want to do, or people we want to be. Well intentioned, we have every desire to follow through. But the reality is, we often don’t – in fact, we often fail.


God is with you. The phone rings, the email comes, the conversation happens, and suddenly your world is sent spinning. How could this happen? It’s a surprise to you, but not to the One who holds all of time in his hands.


Three years ago I found myself sitting in my car in a parking lot on a Friday night. I knew I needed to get out of the car and go in but I was afraid. I was also desperate, and that night I let desperation win.


The words were harsh. They assumed things about me that weren't true.   For a few moments my fingers poised over the keyboard. And then I shut the laptop.


For some, this season is filled with unmitigated joy. For others this is the hardest time of the year. Reminding them of the greatest losses, and most heartfelt pain of their lives. Lost spouses and children. Divorces and children with an ex instead of with you. Broken finances which can’t provide all the presents desired.


Christmas is speeding toward us. Suddenly the focus is on the long list of things that we need to do. It’s on baking and wrapping and trying to find a bargain. It’s trying to be in five places at once. This year I had an idea.


The women walk in from the cold to swap hugs and share hellos. We place Christmas treats on the counters and presents under the tree. Before we officially begin the evening, we pause to pray. And my beautiful friend Kelli includes these words, "God, please receive the joyful praises of our laughter.


Hi, this is KLRC General Manager Sean Sawatzky.   If you have just discovered the Holiday Difference, we want you to know that it's an honor to share the Christmas season with you! We hope you'll make yourself at home, and enjoy our unique blend of Christmas favorites.


The other day, our CEO Chuck Hyde challenged me when he stated, "Busyness with a 'y' is very different than "business" with an 'I. '" He asked our team: "Are you busy, or are you doing our business?" I immediately thought of the familiar story in Luke 10 of Mary and Martha. Jesus visits Martha's house.


Thanksgiving is unique among holidays.   It is not a religious holiday in quite the same sense as Easter and Christmas.   But we render the day meaningless if we fail to give thanks to God for all our blessings.   Neither is the day like Independence Day in marking the founding of our nation.