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They say that time is relative. The span of a lifetime is long, unless a lifetime is only 99 days. Matt and Ginny Mooney know how short 99 days is. It’s the number of days they got to share life with their first born son Eliot. In the course of 99 days the Mooneys became a family affected by disability and loss.

After becoming Eliot’s parents they felt God prompting them to provide a place where others facing disability could find hope and community. In 2007 99 Balloons was formed to provide a place of inclusion for everyone, no matter what diagnosis they were facing.

Disability once again became part of their lives when they adopted their daughter, Lena, 5 years ago. Through Eliot and Lena the Mooneys’ hope is to change the conversation about disability and inclusion, especially in the church.

99 Balloons works locally and internationally to serve families and churches who deal with disability every day. Their rEcess programs provide opportunities for parents to get a night out while their kids receive specialized child care.

Coming up later this month 99 Balloons will be hosting the Engage Conference for pastors, parents, and care givers. The conference will provide opportunities to collaborate to strengthen the Christian response to disability by including all persons within our community.  

To find out more information about 99 Balloons, how you can bring a rEcess program to your church, or about the upcoming Engage Conference you can visit them at 99balloons.org.