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Stories of Hope



Everyone has been talking about loved ones that are graduating this year and I would like to tell you about someone very special. He is my 5 year old grandson, Urijah, who just graduated from Kindergarten. And, yes, I did shed some tears for more than just one reason. To me, this is my miracle baby.

A few months ago, Urijah started having seizures and by the time his parents got him to the ER, he had to be placed on a vent because he had basically stopped breathing on the way to the hospital. He continued to have seizures for about 2 hours. The doctors placed him in a drug induced coma. He then was airlifted to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. He spent a week there but because of the many prayers and God's healing power, Urijah is now a happy healthy 5 year old.

I would like to say a special Thank you to the nurse, Vicki Thomas, that Urijah was handed to at the ER. She is a member of the church we attend and I know as soon as that child was placed into her hands, she started praying. God always has a plan.

And I would like to think KLRC for the uplifting songs. You are a blessing to many.