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Stories of Hope

Viewing entries posted in March 2015


Thank You for Hope

I wish I could contribute right now but circumstances stop me. I Lost my job last October and only started back now. The new gig is great. My wife and I prayed that I could find the "right" place. All through those months I started listening to you because of the positive message of love.


Always Faithful

Last year we found out that our 16 year old daughter was pregnant. At first we were devastated, she had worked so hard at school and we didn't know what her future would look like. Through our hope in Jesus, the encouragement we get daily through KLRC, and our local Loving Choices office, we got through the storm.


Saving My Life

Recently, I had given up all hope. I lost my mom not too long ago and have been on a road of hopelessness and distress. I turned on KLRC, cried to God, and begged Him to give me a sign. "You're an Overcomer" came on.