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Stories of Hope


A Year of Tribulation

As you know, last year we lost my best friend at work the day after Christmas. After that the year went by in a flash. One hurdle after another, but we Praised God all the way.

Then in July I was injured and it took 4 months to recover. God is good. I needed to slow down for a reason.

On November 5, I lost my closest cousin who was like a sister too me. Life as we knew it was changed. She was an amazing school teacher and a wonderful friend. Over 500 people showed up to celebrate her life.

Along with all of the tribulation there was great revelations. My co-worker's daughter now works with us. She is a true blessing. Then my husband of 30 years quit drinking. That in itself was a great miracle. Then after my cousin passed away, my youngest daughter was accepted to Bible College in Estes Park, Colorado. That means I will have to let her go,  but God has taught me that you have to let things go so that we will learn to grow. Lily, my daughter, has chosen to become a youth minister.

God has been working over-time. How stressed and blessed we have been this last year. But with God leading the way there is no place to go but to GLORY!

Thank you Mark and Keri for all of your prayers, and all of the praise and worship songs you play daily!