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Stories of Hope


Thanks for Your Ministry of Encouragement

In 2012, I found out my husband had betrayed me. My mom passed away in September, and my dad in November. I have spent much of 2013 trying to heal and learning a deeper dependence on the Lord, as well as a contentment even in the midst of my circumstances.


Help During My Stressful Job

I work in a job that can sometimes get stressful. In the ER sometimes we get so overwhelmed by all the sickness, accidents, etc. It can cause us to get down emotionally, stressed out, or short-tempered. I have to remember sometimes that these people are sick and grieving in some cases.


Get Back Up

I was a former drug addict. Thirty days ago the Lord saw fit to change my life. Thirty-five days ago I was picked up for trying to elude the Texas police in my car. I was in the middle of an emotional break down. Legalities are still in front of me.


Listening in Oklahoma

I have only been listening to your station for about a month. My old station out of Tulsa stopped coming in clear, and I couldn't find a station I liked.