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When the Foundation Shakes

Did you feel it? Just a few weeks ago our family (like so many others) literally felt the walls and floor shake from an earthquake in Oklahoma, and like so many others, it shook us up emotionally too! What made this even more unsettling for our family was the fact they had just poured the concrete for the foundation of our new home. This summer we took the plunge into building a new house, and once the earth stopped shaking, my mind instantly began to wonder what happened to the foundation that was just days old.  

We've learned a lot on this house journey, and the process of building a foundation has provided a unique opportunity to bring a real life picture for our kids of what the Bible refers to when it uses words like "cornerstone" and "foundation." As they were starting to build, we took some time to talk about what we wanted our lives and family to be built on… and then took some of those verses and literally put them in the foundation that would soon hold up our new home. There’s nothing quite like actually seeing how one block can literally make everything right and true… or how if a foundation is strong enough, it can carry more weight than we can imagine. 


Maybe your life has been shook up like that quake disrupted a quiet, peaceful Saturday morning. We all find ourselves at the doorstep of fear wondering if everything is going to crumble. It’s remarkable to me that God offers us Jesus as our corner stone… and His strength as our foundation.

I have a feeling the earth is going to shake again and uncertainty will awaken our fears… so what we build our lives on will matter.  Here’s some really good news… just like our family discovered that Saturday morning, a strong foundation can handle it. 

“Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands…” - 2 Timothy 2:19