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Several years ago I was home sick. I spent the day on the couch watching TV between naps. On the Oprah show that afternoon there was a story of a little boy who lived 99 days. As a mom of 4 my heart was caught up in Matt and Ginny's story, learning they lived just a few short miles down the road from me made their story seem even more real to me. I couldn't figure out how they faced death, the death of their own child, with such grace and hope. 

That's when I started following Matt's blog, trying to find the secret of the hope that carries him. Over the years I've gotten to know more that just Matt's story, I've gotten to know his heart. It's a heart that has faced the darkest, hardest things of life and grown softer, not harder, because of them. Matt loves Jesus in a way that is real and contagious. He's a loving husband, incredible dad, gifted teacher and writer, and a seriously funny guy!      

We're so excited to invite you to join us as we dive into Matt Mooney's book "A Story Unfinished" this summer. Next week we'll be talking about the first few chapters. 

Today, Matt joins us on the blog to help us launch the Summer Book Club. You can connect with Matt at The Atypical Life

Welcome Matt...


How do you invite others into your loss?  I’ve much a mind to tell you to go do summer things- beach reads, mow lawns or go fishing.  But instead, I am going to do the very thing neither of us want; I am inviting you into my loss- as much as we both are pained by my doing so.  Because, truth is, I cannot imagine you initially have a scintilla of desire to come where I am beckoning. 


Loss, pain and heartache…these are the very things one spends a lifetime avoiding and here I go dropping you an invitation to step into places you’ve always stepped around.  And I am not just inviting those of you who know the taste of pain as it has come across your own lips.  You’re all invited to come along- though I’m not naïve, understanding that many of you will come up with some whoppers to get out of this one.


I understand.  I would have never read the book I wrote.  But I now know what I did not.  

  • I know that God is good even in the greatest loss of my life. 
  • I know that Christians get extremely awkward when real pain enters the picture.  
  • I know that following Jesus does not unlock the life you dreamed of- because His ways are not ours.

 Come along.  Be surprised.  Meet my son, Eliot.  It’s his story.  It is amazing. 


I’ve got more to say, but I wrote it down in a book.


Matt Mooney

The Atypical Life