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The Fine Print...

This morning we talked about the Fine Print in following Jesus... You know, the parts about suffering, and giving up your life. We thought we'd compile a list of what the fine print should include. Feel free to add your thoughts as well!


Following Jesus may require you to give up earthly comforts.

          But it also means that we will receive a Heavenly reward.

Following Jesus may be lonely.

          But He will never leave you or forsake you.

Following Jesus means you have to love your enemies.

          But it also means that we receive His unconditional love.

Following Jesus means you have to carry your cross.

          But you don't have to carry it alone.

Following Jesus may mean giving up the American Dream.

          But in return we receive peace that passes all understanding.

Following Jesus may mean losing your family.

          But it also invites you to be part of a greater community.

Following Jesus may mean you have to give up being "cool".

          But it does mean you get to call God "Daddy".