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The Morning Show Summer Book Club is back, and we are so excited to dive into this year’s book “A Story Unfinished” by local author Matt Mooney.

You may have heard the story on Oprah or the Today Show of Matt and Ginny’s son Elliot’s 99 days on earth. Elliot wasn’t supposed to make it to full term due to a genetic disease. If he was born he would likely only live for a few hours or perhaps a few days. But Elliot was born and lived 99 days that changed his family forever.

In “A Story Unfinished” Matt recounts his family’s journey through pain, redemption, and God’s goodness even in the darkest days.

Matt and his wife Ginny founded 99 Balloons, which engages children with special needs right here in Northwest Arkansas and around the world.

We can’t wait to dive into “A Story Unfinished” and hope you’ll join us!

Mark & Keri