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When I woke up this morning my first thought was that tomorrow is Easter. Resurrection day. Time to celebrate Christ's victory over sin and death. In between Good Friday's reflections of the price he paid on the cross and Easter morning's celebration of the empty tomb sits a quiet Saturday.

For you and I today is a day of preparation for the celebrating tomorrow brings. For the disciples I have a feeling today looked a lot different.

I wonder what that Sabbath day was like after they wrapped Jesus and buried His dead body. I wonder what they said to each other, how they wept and mourned. Did they question everything? Did they think it was all over now? Did they wonder what was next? I know I would have.

They gave up everything to follow Jesus. They believed with everything in them that He was the Messiah, that they were to be a part of something world changing. And now all was lost. It was over.

I can't imagine how they grieved.

You and I have hind-site. We know that tomorrow morning holds the greatest surprise of all time. You and I know that God's not dead! But they didn't. To them, tomorrow held nothing more than sorrow, questions and fear.

Maybe you can relate to the disciples. Maybe all that your tomorrow holds is uncertainty. Maybe your dreams have died. Maybe all that you were hoping for has slipped through your hands. Maybe fear and doubt have moved into a heart once filled with joy and anticipation.

Yes, we know that tomorrow we get to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. What we don't know is what our tomorrow holds. We don't know how God is going to resurrect our broken dreams.

Wouldn't you love it if you could somehow travel back to that Sabbath day when the disciples gathered to mourn together? What if you could walk into that room and tell them "don't cry. Jesus isn't dead! Just wait till tomorrow and it will all make sense". I have a feeling Peter would throw you out as the others laughed at you.

How could they believe such a thing unless they saw with their own eyes and heard with their own ears "the one you seek is not here. He has risen!"

So I won't begin to try to tell you what resurrection your future might hold if you'll extend me the same courtesy. But I will tell you this, the same power that conquered the grave lives in you! And in me! And while today might be a dark and quiet day for us, a day filled with questions and tears, there is a day coming when we will see and hear for ourselves how God will bring beauty from ashes, life from death.

Until that day...