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Pray 4 Ruth Update


Over 4 years ago our family embarked on a journey that we could never have imagined.  What started with my wife's dreams as a little girl who wanted to design orphanages in Africa, turned into a captivation with the picture that adoption paints of our own redemption into God's forever family.  What we didn't know is that this road would include two years of fighting for a little girl in Rwanda, only to have doors closed and our hearts broken.  Still filled with fresh grief, we couldn't shake the calling to adopt and started to explore options in Ghana, West Africa (yup, the region on the globe you have heard so much about with the Ebola news).  Through a crazy round of connections we ended up being linked to a sweet little girl named Ruth... that was in May of 2012.  Since that time we have walked crazy roads that have taught us much about God's incredible steadfast love and His ability to take us through levels of hard that we could never have imagined.  But our sweet Ruth is worth every tear, late night prayer, and scary step on faith's canyon edge. 

In January of this past year we faced having our case closed because it was "taking too long", but an army came together under the banner of "Pray 4 Ruth", and God's hand moved the hearts of the US Embassy.  Since then we have been jumping through hoops and dealing with obstacles to help bring our daughter home.  Now we face the biggest mountain yet.  This Friday my wife and I are preparing to get on a plane to go see our sweet girl.  We thought this was just a trip to hold a little girl who had recently exchanged "Daddy, when you come..." with "Daddy, if you come...".  It turns out that God may have a bigger plan in place.  Over the past weeks countless friends have told us that you are praying for something we have been hesitant to pray for... after all, this trip was just a "visit" trip. To be honest, after 4 years of a hard road, we've learned that God often has asked us to take the long way... and the idea that maybe He would allow Ruth to come home this month seemed a bit risky to hope for. But we are fully confident in His ability (after all, we've seen so many hurdles overcome already)... so we are officially joining the chorus who is asking God for a miracle.

Humanly speaking, there is no way Ruth will come home this month.  You see, there is a long list of things that should take months to play out that have to come together in literally a matter of days.  BUT, yesterday God began a very unlikely process by providing the last document the embassy has asked for.  Then, He allowed an unlikely string of connections to be made, and within a few hours, both our United States Senators (who says congress can't work together :-) ) and our US Representative have joined the team fighting for Ruth.  Whether or not we have the support of political powers, we know our greatest strength comes from a God who knows how to move mountains... and a community who is praying with us and for us. 

So if you are part of TEAM PRAY4RUTH, thank you for praying, for asking how we are doing, for posting the Pray for Ruth photo on social media, and a million other ways God has used you to encourage our hearts.  Yesterday we sent the US embassy in Ghana an email with a BIG ASK.  We are asking them to pass our case this week (today ideally), and open the door for the consulate to approving Ruth's Visa before we get on a plane to return home next week. It would be nothing short of a miracle... but I can't imagine a more beautiful thing than for 3 of us to get on a plane the night of my wife's 40th birthday. So... if you are just crazy enough to join us (and many of you are already ahead of us) here's what you can pray for:

-  Thank God for all those who have joined the battle to help bring sweet Ruth home
-  Pray that the officials at the embassy will approve our case today if at all possible
-  Pray for our hearts to fully trust a God who will remain good no matter what He has in store
-  Pray that a precious little girl will finally come home

Because every moment counts,