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Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.

Psalm 81:10

The last few weeks this verse has come to my mind over and over again. It wasn’t until today that I had time to sit with it and ask God what He was so persistently trying to tell me.

I’ve felt like I haven’t had any words lately. And every time I pray about it this is what I hear from Him; “open wide your mouth and I will fill it.” Yeah. Ok. That’s great, God. Open my mouth and you will fill it, only when I open my mouth no words come out. So… what’s up with that?

Thankfully my love for research has come in handy. According to John Gill there are a few options of what this verse might mean. The first is this: “to open the mouth wide in prayer is to pray with great freedom, to pour out the soul to God, pleading with great strength the promises of God and asking in faith for much.” Or it could mean: “opening the mouth wide in expressions of desire after spiritual food, hungering and thirsting after spiritual things, when the Lord fills or satisfies the mouths of His people with good things. This metaphor seems to be taken from the young birds, which open their mouths, and are filled by the old ones.”  

Matthew Henry concurs with this idea saying, “as the young ravens that cry open their mouths wide and the old ones fill them. What is our duty—to raise our expectations from God and enlarge our desires towards Him. There is enough in God to fill our treasures, to replenish every hungry soul, to supply all our wants, to answer all our desires, and to make us completely happy.”

Baby birds demand food all the time. They are persistent about it and loud. When the older bird shows up with food it doesn’t have to wonder who wants to be fed, it’s obvious from the gaping mouths and the piercing cries of “feed me! Feed me!” My problem isn’t a lack of food, but a lack of hunger.

I was talking to someone recently who lives in a county that has never known religious freedom the way we do in America. His friends are starving, literally, for the gospel. They cling to the Word of God as if it is life and breath to them. Because it is. And I’m surrounded by Bibles and books, and commentaries, and have access to an internet that allows me to visit any website I want and find out anything I want about any religion I want. And what do I use the internet for? Pinterest (not that Pinterest is evil. I love Pinterest).

And after hours on Pinterest I tell Jesus I have no words. And He says to me “open wide your mouth and I will fill it.”

Open wide. Hunger. Ask. Receive.

I’m not starving for lack of spiritual food, I’m starving for lack of hunger. Because I’m so surrounded by abundance that I forget my daily need for it. And it’s easy to take for granted what you’ve never had to long for. And it’s easy to think you’re full-grown and can take care of yourself, when the truth is you’re just a fledgling in desperate need of being nurtured.