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A few days ago, I was spending a couple of moments at the KLRC Prayer Center on our website and came across a listener’s post that has stuck with me all week. They quoted a few words from Psalm 34 and asked us to pray for someone they deeply cared about, along with their own anxiety about a situation in their life.


Psalm 34:4 is a cry for help when fear is running wild in our mind and heart. These days most of us understand how easy it is for the news headlines or latest round of social media posts to cause our hearts to chase our biggest fears. Each day, I’m trying to remind myself that God promises to be our protector. That doesn’t necessarily mean He will protect me from every circumstance I hope to avoid, but He does offer a deep peace that will protect me from the fearful thoughts that wage war in my head and on my soul.

Psalm 34 promises us that our Protector will deliver us "from all our fears." This week I’m praying that for both me and you!