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I vividly remember the first time I had to entrust the life of my child to God. My son was a little more than a year old and we had to call 911 because he was choking on food and we couldn’t dislodge it.


My son’s birthday is this week. He’s in his twenties now so gifts aren’t usually a surprise anymore. This year I got sent a link to the exact pair of sneakers he wanted for his birthday. I don’t know if you’ve spent time looking at sneaker prices lately, but they’re not cheap.


My childhood is filled with countless memories of my dad and I loaded up in his truck with poles and tackle boxes in the back, windows down with hot summer air blowing on my face, the Rolling Stones playing loud in the speakers, and a sweating Dr. Pepper can in my hand.


Faith in Action is a volunteer based non-profit serving home-bound seniors in Northwest Arkansas. The current situation with the coronavirus has caused them to have to restructure some of the ways they serve their clients and there is one way that we can come along side of them to help them in their mission.  .


One of my favorite movies of all times is “First Knight” where Sean Connery plays King Arthur. There’s a scene where an enemy of Camelot enters the throne room and confronts the Knights of the Round Table.


Hiking through the woods has always been one of my favorite pastimes. I come by it naturally as both of my parents are nature lovers and I spent many a Saturday exploring the trails around Arkansas as a kid.


I want to climb a mountain. I don’t know where the idea came from, but it’s there. This nudging in a deep recess of my mind that is calling me to climb. This summer I’m planning a trip that involves an opportunity to climb. It’s not Everest or even Mt.


"Gutsy" means having a great deal of courage or nerve.   My best friend and I often remind each other to be gutsy. It’s because we are both naturally chickens who love to avoid hard things. As much as we’d like to be sweet and gentle all the time, sometimes life requires us being brave.


My husband and I are buying a new house. Well, new to us. It’s actually over 100 years old. Reading an inspection report on a home that was built in the early 1900’s can be a bit overwhelming. Time has a way of wearing things down.


I was never afraid of the dark. As a little girl I loved lying in bed in a dark room watching the night sky out of my bedroom window. We lived in the country so there was no light from buildings, street lamps, or cars. Just quiet darkness.